In-Car Technology Explained at Pacific Honda

in-car technology explained

Here at Pacific Honda, you'll find plenty of new and pre-owned vehicles to choose from. The auto industry has evolved rapidly lately, so if you haven't gone car shopping in a while there might be some confusion. With so many new features to learn about, you might be confused when we're describing your new Honda car. Here are some of the new terms you might be unfamiliar with, along with a refresher on common car terms.

Powertrains, Fuel Efficiency, and Safety Features

  • Drivetrain: This is the group of components that give your wheels the power they need to maintain traction. Different types of drivetrains offer different advantages. All-wheel drive is great in inclement weather, while rear-wheel drive is ideal for performance vehicles.
  • Honda Sensing®: This is a suite of safety features that comes standard on many of the new vehicles at our Honda dealership serving San Diego. These features work together to keep you safer on the highway. Our cars are built to help you avoid an accident in the first place.
  • Blind Spot Information System: This feature can let you know if another vehicle is approaching in your blind spot. When you turn on your turn signal, you'll get audio and visual alerts if there's another car there. It helps you stay safer when changing lanes.

Entertainment and Convenience

  • 2nd-Row Magic Seat®: This is a special sliding seat found in many of the new and pre-owned Honda models on our lot. It makes it easier to accommodate your passengers and all of their stuff. It even ensures that some models, like the Honda Fit and the Honda HR-V, offer multiple cargo modes.
  • Bluetooth®: This technology allows you to stream music from your phone to your car's audio system. This feature also allows you to make hands-free phone calls safely. Our vehicles make it easy to stay connected when you're on the road.
  • Internet Radio Compatibility: This means that a vehicle is compatible with internet radio stations, like Pandora®. You'll be able to listen to your favorite radio stations no matter where the road takes you. Just select your favorite app through your vehicle's infotainment system.
  • Infotainment System: This is connected to a screen in the center console. You can access apps, navigation, your favorite music, and more in a modern Honda vehicle.

So when you're looking for a car that offers the latest features, visit our Honda dealership and service center near Vista, CA today. We'll make it easy to find an advanced vehicle that offers all of the tech that you're looking for. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!

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